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Mission, Vision and Values of Texas Star Envelope



To provide the best products and services to the mailing industry in our markets by:

  • Producing high quality products using the best available raw materials, ensuring their functionality, and appearance according to our client’s specifications and expectations.
  • Delivering our products on time and in less time than our competitors, and helping our clients when they are in need of a rush service at no or minimal additional cost.
  • Maintaining trusting, long term relationships with our customers through personal attention, fluent communication and honest behavior.
  • Seeking the sustainability of our resources through the use of adequate materials and eco-friendly processes.
  • Giving back to our society resources by supporting children oriented philanthropic efforts.



To be the best, quality driven, customer oriented supplier of value added products and services for the mailing industry in southern and central USA.



  • PROFITABILITY. Every transaction we make is measured and oriented to obtain a return on investment for our company, our clients and our suppliers.
  • MEASUREMENT CULTURE. Every activity that has an impact on the satisfaction attributes of our clients, employees and shareholders is measured in order to take actions to achieve predefined goals.
  • SOCIAL AWARENESS. We are committed to our communities, specially children who live in critical conditions.
  • HONESTY. Trustworthiness is essential to become a member of the organization.
  • RESPECT. The criteria for treating employees, clients, suppliers and shareholders should guarantee justice and equality. We respect our clients and the clients of our clients.
  • PRODUCTIVITY. Every task is oriented to maximize the use of the available resources.
  • QUALITY. Every activity is performed correctly at the first time.
  • COMMITMENT. Everybody in the organization is a professional and believes that the addition of efforts bring common benefits.