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Terms and Conditions


General and Commercial Conditions


General Conditions


  • Texas Star Envelope will always try to provide you with the best possible price. All prices are subject to change without notice.
  • We require that all transactions, conditions, changed orders and/or terms are submitted in writing.
  • All quotations and sales are conducted subject to buyer assuming any and all revenue and sales tax of any local, state or federal government units.
  • Management reserves the right to either accept or refuse quotations priced in error.
  • Quotations
  • All quotations will be honored for thirty days.
  • Quotations are provided FOB our plant or FOB the address indicated by the customer.
  • All quotations provided to customer are subject to change based upon Texas Star Envelope’s approval of copy. The customer may incur additional time and/or materials costs.
  • Additional charges may be incurred for artwork, special delivery and/or handling.


Minimum Order Size


  • Texas Star Envelope, Inc. requires a minimum order of 2M for standard envelopes.
  • Custom orders require a minimum order of 5M.
  • Order Processing
  • We thank you for understanding that all orders must be submitted via fax, email and/or regular mail. Orders will not be processed until received in writing. No exceptions, please.
  • Delivery time begins upon receipt of the entire order including artwork and/or any related materials required to produce the order




  • Additional charges may be incurred for proofs. Request prices from your customer service representative.
  • Texas Star Envelope is not responsible for envelopes produced that were approved in writing by the customer.
  • When a proof has been approved by the customer, Texas Star Envelope shall not be responsible for envelopes produced with any errors or mistakes the customer failed to correct.
  • Changed Orders
  • Texas Star Envelope understands that your order may change. We review each change request on a case-by-case basis. If the changed order is realized early enough, no charges to the customer will be billed. If not realized early enough, any and/or all labor and/or materials will be billed to the customer.
  • Texas Star Envelope is not responsible for any production delays as a result of a changed order.
  • Additional administrative charges may be incurred.
  • Cancellations
  • Customer is responsible for all labor and/or materials incurred up to the Texas Star Envelope’s written receipt of the cancellation.
  • Management of Texas Star Envelope must approve all cancellations.
  • Delivery
  • Texas Star Envelope passes along shipping discounts.
  • The turnaround time of goods and/or services are subject to the written receipt of the purchase order and any labor and/or materials required from the customer for Texas Star Envelope to produce the order.
  • Texas Star Envelope is not responsible for damages caused as a result of the freight carrier. To claim any damages, please indicate damage in writing in the bill of Lading when accepting the delivery.




  • Texas Star Envelope, Inc. is not responsible for acts of God, shipping loss or damage of goods as a result of an accident and/or mechanical error.
  • Texas Star Envelope is not responsible for any variations in color, shape, finish, strength and weight of paper that lies within the paper manufacturer’s tolerance.
  • Our liability for defects in material or workmanship is limited to replacement only.
  • Complaint Resolution
  • All complaints must be issued in writing via fax, email or regular mail.
  • All orders under review must be sent back to Texas Star Envelope in full unless the order is reviewed at the customer site. Texas Star Envelope will review the damaged or mistaken order for credit consideration. Texas Star Envelope will not issue full credits unless the entire order is returned. Texas Star Envelope is not responsible for consequential damages.
  • Credit Terms
  • To establish an account with Texas Star Envelope, three trade and/or credit references and one bank reference is required. If unavailable to you, payment is required in advance.
  • If your account is in a state of delinquency, all transactions will be put on hold. If payment and/or a payment schedule are unable to be recognized, Texas Star Envelope reserves the right to notify the end user and to seek payment for goods accordingly.
  • Once credit is established, qualified distributors of manufactured and printed orders are subject to a 1% discount if paid within 10 days. Otherwise, balances are due net 30. Converted orders balances are due net 30.


Manufacturing and Graphic Policies


Manufacturing Policies & Industry Tolerances


  • All manufactured and/or printed orders are subject to the following over or under run plus full box increments: a. Under 5M – 25% b. 5 to 10M – 20% c. 11 to 100M – 10% d. Greater than 100M – 5% If an exact quantity is requested, then a new price must be quoted for the job.
  • All manufactured and/or printed orders are subject to a variation of plus or minus 1/16 in size, location of the window and/or location of the printed copy.
  • Texas Star Envelope is also not responsible for any variations in color, shape, finish, strength and weight of paper that lies within the paper manufacturers tolerance.
  • We do not guarantee an “exact” ink match because of the normal variations in manufacturers’ inks, in PMS books, and in ink color variations caused by paper stock.
  • Printing & Graphic Art Policies
  • There is no charge for graphical art services when submitting camera-ready artwork in the form of a digital file, negative or black & white art, which clearly defines the printing specifications on 1, 2, 3 or 4 color spot printing only. Negatives and color proofs will be charged to the customer on 3 & 4 color process printing orders.
  • Photo retouching, enhancing, silhouetting, color correcting or file/copy manipulation will be charged on an hourly basis.
  • Typography service will be charged to the customer.
  • Artwork produced by Texas Star Envelope is the property of Texas Star Envelope and will only be held for a limited time. Customer may purchase artwork at anytime. See your customer service representative for details.
  • Graphic art services will be charged to the customer and is subject to our receipt of the copy. Prices quoted via phone may change according to graphic art services provided by Texas Star Envelope.